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As almost every game you start with a tutorial which should teach you how to play the game. WWE Champions has the tutorial also, but you can only learn very simple things. You should read these WWE Champions begining tips to know how to play and how to win. So, rounds in WWE Champions are turn-based, with each wrestler obtaining a turn to unleash destructive moves and also finishers. There’s no time at all limitation to locating matches throughout the board, so take your time when searching for rows and also columns of matching treasures. Breaking 4 treasures in a chain will instantly clear the row, while damaging 5 gems in a chain will net you an extra turn.

Do the WWE Champions tutorial! Don’t skip it!

Just like in lots of various other match-type challenge video games, you’ll want to match treasures of the very same color in the longest treasure combos you perhaps can. So, be on the lookout for four, five, and even six-gem combinations as well as chains. The bigger the combo, the even more damages you’ll deal to your opponent. Just like in the genuine ring, not every super star wrestler has the exact same toughness as well as weaknesses. Actually, there are classes of wrestlers that are stronger as well as weak versus others in WWE Champions. Choosing which type before each match is vital to your triumph.

Here you have some explanations of colors and players:

  • Showboats: Strong against Strikers
    • Color: Yellow
    • Symbol: Microphone
  • Strikers: Strong against Tricksters
    • Color: Grey
    • Symbol: Fist
  • Powerhouses: Strong against Acrobats
    • Color: Red
    • Symbol: Free Weight
  • Technicians: Strong against Powerhouses
    • Color: Green
    • Symbol: Wrench
  • Acrobat: Strong against Showboats
    • Color: Blue
    • Symbol: Wings
  • Tricksters: Strong against Technicians
    • Color: Purple
    • Symbol: Cobra

Always try to level up

Don’t let your cash or gold coins go to waste. It is essential for your success that you enhance your wrestler’s skill and also special/finishing move acumen using the administration display. Use recovery packs sparingly.
It could be tempting to do, yet while using recuperation packs DOES obtain your wrestler back into grappling form promptly, it’s damn tough to come by the packs normally. Utilize them strategically, specifically when you’ve obtained a large suit against a hulking superstar. Superstars can also be healed by employing intrigue assistance or just waiting a couple of hrs time. This is primarily your simplest and also fastest method of obtaining chilly hard money, the currency you’ll should open more wrestlers. They’ll likewise assist you open mission bags, which have other unique loots in them.

Collect your gold

Don’t waste your collected items for every upgrade you see, collect it and spend it with your mind opened. If you will tap every thing you like, you will never improve like smart players and will loose. Try to use every WWE Champions tips.you learn. If you use WWE Champions hack, do it from time to time, because you can be suspected if you have to much gold every minute. Stay tuned

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